Homecoming 2014: Four and a half year bliss…

Guys! I’m going through it over here. It makes me sad to think that this will be the LAST time I enjoy Homecoming as an undergraduate student. Fall weather, football games, step show, parties, halloween, etc. This entire Fall semester feels like it will be harder to let go of. Where did the time go? How did we go from Welcome Week to Midterms in the blink of an eye? I’ve had one of the greatest college experiences and the best feels like it has yet to come.

Like seriously, I remember the summer before freshman year and how nervous I was to begin college. It owe it all to my mother for helping me apply and receiving a full scholarship to come here. Most of us got our living arrangements on campus and couldn’t wait to be labeled as a “grown” college student. To this day, four and a half years later, 22 years old and focused on a career, I’m far from being grown and I’m so appreciative of everything those who play a significant role in my life have done for me.

I’m honestly ready for whatever God has in store for me after graduation, but its bittersweet to think that it could come and go so fast. Just like a lot of our occurances in life. I find myself looking back, reflecting on a series of things that have happened. I sometimes get to a point that seems never-ending. Like emotionally, pyshically, mentally, I have to take a step back and actually look at the life I’m living. Minutes are turning into hours. Days into years. Before you know it, we’ll be married or single, with kids and more bills than our money can afford, but that’s how society works, right?

Let the fun begin… and go as slow as possible. I love¬†my university, but I also love that the best is YET to come! ūüôā


YOUniverse at the University

I had so much fun yesterday! After almost 3 weeks of model practice matching sizes from pieces sent by featured brands, and selling tickets to the student body, the current president of Empowering Ladies Together (ELT) РTaylor Ryan Рpulled off a successful event. More importantly, the executive board and general body members are appreciated for contributing their time and efforts in helping the president pull everything together! Everyone did a great job.

The 5th annual Women’s Empowerment Dinner took place on campus yesterday evening. This year, a fashion show was added to the program! YOUniverse at the Univeristy (the name of the show) focused on self-expression – you can do anything you want in life, be anything you put your mind to, and dress in any way you feel expresses who you are individually.¬†Over 300 free event tickets were dispersed, including a free dinner and a keynote message from guest speaker LeTonia A. Jones, MSW. Free Performances were also¬† a part of the show done by Shades of Movement Dance Troop, Brittany Humphrey, Omega Psi Phi Faternity Inc., J.Kellz, and Tatiyana Dean feat. Braxton Harshaw.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ELT, Empowering Ladies Together¬†is a recognized student organization on campus that works to empower the mind, body, and soul of ALL women, with focus on minority women in particular. This fairly new organization (founded in Fall 2009) has grown into an RSO that enhances students’ ability to excel socially and culturally. At the fashion show a total of 12 underground clothing lines were presented: Humble, J.Noir, SneakerBoxx, Purple Kurlz, LRG, Can We Money?, Sanquon, Clothes Minded, Rare Credentials, Wolves Premium, and Vintage Junkie. Fourty five wonderful models graced the stage and all of them ripped the way. Big ups to ELT.

Model 1       Model 3  model 2  Youniverse selfue

Black RSO Workshop or nah?

Okay, so I’ve been wokring with the Black Recognized Student Organizations here on campus for about two weeks now. We have a total of 24 RSOs and for some reason, we just can seem make things happen for minority students! The soley reason for this is because everyone is worried about themselves and coul dcate less about what others are doing. If I wasn’t so passionate about the black community on campus, I too would be careless, but the way my brain is set up…. I HAD to do something before graduation.

In the beginning, I sent an email to the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of each organization which basically said the following: “I am the social media and marketing intern for the Office of Student Involvement located in the SAC, room W310. This office also holds some of the biggest components to UofL:SGA, SAB, Freshman LEAD, and Enage Lead Serve. Why is is that the African American student population “isn’t” being heard? Why don’t African American students run for SGA positions? How many of us participate in Freshman LEAD or are on the Student Activities Board to make a difference on campus? If you work hard enough to make your mark, you will make a difference. Collectively, we have to change the representation of our black organizations. To my understanding, though UofL 18,17,16, and 15 may follow your particular organization via multiple accounts, our black campus community does not have a central way of connecting with ALL of the black organizations being provided, whether it may be for attending events or general body.”

I was so focused on creating a central hub or a likfe central website that our black students could go to. I ¬†asked if each president and vice-president set up a meeting time with me to answer a few questions about our campus and more specially, their organization. After meeting with majority of them, a light bulb flickered in my head. I asked myself: Why I am doing this? Because I care about the black UofL generations to come AND we need to create a central environment that allows all students to feel welcomed and appreciated. Of course, you may keep up your individual sites, but we need to implement something that serves as the point in which we collectively come together. This includes ALL aspects of our campus: Education, Service/Leadership, Personal Growth, and Greek Life. I’ve heard too many comments about how most students feel that UofL, being a PWI (predominately white institution), doesn’t do enough on this campus to ensure that everyone has a voice. Is it really UofL that isn’t doing enough or it is US?

On a more positive note, within the last week I set up a Black RSO meeting with the Director of a miniority hangout spot we have here on campus called the Cultural Center, Tierney Bates.¬†We put together a very minor agenda and had the meeting TONIGHT. I’m excited to say that out of the 24 Black RSOs, 12 of them where represented. That’s better than none right? We discussed things like repetitive event ideas, lack of general body meeting attendance, event funding and funding application submission problems, not knowing how to use Orgsync effectively, finding good locations to hold events, and collaboration issues effected due to personal issues. We actually scheduled a Fall Leadership Retreat for November 7th and 8th (which Ill make a post about!!!)

These meetings will be held monthly. With the amount of information being shared,¬†I’m just gonna have to keep you guys posted. ūüôā