Homecoming 2014: Four and a half year bliss…

Guys! I’m going through it over here. It makes me sad to think that this will be the LAST time I enjoy Homecoming as an undergraduate student. Fall weather, football games, step show, parties, halloween, etc. This entire Fall semester feels like it will be harder to let go of. Where did the time go? How did we go from Welcome Week to Midterms in the blink of an eye? I’ve had one of the greatest college experiences and the best feels like it has yet to come.

Like seriously, I remember the summer before freshman year and how nervous I was to begin college. It owe it all to my mother for helping me apply and receiving a full scholarship to come here. Most of us got our living arrangements on campus and couldn’t wait to be labeled as a “grown” college student. To this day, four and a half years later, 22 years old and focused on a career, I’m far from being grown and I’m so appreciative of everything those who play a significant role in my life have done for me.

I’m honestly ready for whatever God has in store for me after graduation, but its bittersweet to think that it could come and go so fast. Just like a lot of our occurances in life. I find myself looking back, reflecting on a series of things that have happened. I sometimes get to a point that seems never-ending. Like emotionally, pyshically, mentally, I have to take a step back and actually look at the life I’m living. Minutes are turning into hours. Days into years. Before you know it, we’ll be married or single, with kids and more bills than our money can afford, but that’s how society works, right?

Let the fun begin… and go as slow as possible. I love my university, but I also love that the best is YET to come! 🙂


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