Fall Break: Internship Planning

It’s Fall break (techincally Monday and Tuesday it will be) and yet, I’m working on some pretty cool tasks! I’m pleased to announce that my internship position with the University of Louisville’s Office of Student Involvement began last Tuesday, September 30th AND this Thursday, I will have a follow-up meeting with the facutly members within the department. This is what I have been waiting for – a chance to receive credit for something fun as well as getting the opportunity to mix and mingle with professionals. I am the new Social Media and Marketing Intern which means that I am focused on bettering the social media experience for our entire student body, implementing programs that enhance our five new domains, and getting more students to come into the office! 🙂

On Tuesday (my first day), I had a meeting with a lady named Brandy Warren. She is a Communication and Marketing Specialist (and designer of the Card Book) for the university, within the Marketing and Communications Department. This department is the main line for ALL univeristy news, events, crisis communcation, student affairs, and sports information. They design jsut about everything you see at the univeristy. She’s such a sweet lady, someone who is passionate about what she does. We discussed a few of my responsibilities and she was nice enough to offer a helping hand – webpage layouts, print material ideas, student affairs campagins, you name it!

On Wednesday (my second day), I had a meeting with a lady named Susie Cucura. She is a Marketing and Student Affairs coordinator under the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Student Involvement. Her role serves as an aid in creating new and improved designs for the university (really amazing in graphic design) as well as advertising/managing with oustide businesses who wish to collaborate with the university. She owns her own advertising company (Cucura & Company Advertising and Design) that works with a number of clients. I’m amazed at how much she gets done! She also offered a helping hand. I’m so excited to be working with both of these women!

Though this will be my last semester at UofL, I will be coming back at the beginning of the Spring semester (January and February) to do a few presentations on Student Involvement, Social Media Interaction, and Organizational Leadership. Currently, I am working on a marketing analysis for our social media accounts and website.  I will be changing the website information around, along with the social media accounts (Instagram and Twitter: @ULStudentLife, Facebook: Univeristy of Louisville Office of Student Involvement). I plan on keeping the necessary elements of the department, and adding more user friendly features. I hope our student body is ready to #ExperienceMore.


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