Reevaluate Everything You Know.

Today’s Message: “Are you really who you say you are?”

So many of us seem to battle between 3 people: the person we used to be, who we are now, and who we would like to be in the future. I think the hardest part is accepting that change is inevitable and that you will go through things in life – without any explaination. Instead of questioning why something happens, ask yourself this:

Why do I feel the need to act a certain way for people to love me in return?

What do I want to accomplish in the years to come?

How can I be the person God created me to be?

Haggai 1:5-7 “Now therefore, thus says the LORD of hosts, “Consider your ways! “You have sown much, but harvest little; you eat, but there is not enough to be satisfied; you drink, but there is not enough to become drunk; you put on clothing, but no one is warm enough; and he who earns, earns wages to put into a purse with holes.”

Today, I want you to be honest with yourself and critique everything that you do. Look at your walk, your talk, your schedule, your facial expressions, etc. Stop blaming other people for your unhappiness, when it’s YOU that needs to let change happen. You can’t stay stuck in your ways because earth just doesn’t allow it. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a place that you never imagined – somewhere you didn’t want to be. Take this insight and run with it. God Bless.


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