GRE struggles, CSP Mindset

So… I know that I need to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) if I plan on going to Graduate School. There’s one problem: I don’t know if I’m ready! I just feel like I’m growing up so fast, but believe me when I say that I am eager to actually work in a field and focus on something that I love. I mean, being on the undergraduate level can be draining. We are required to take general courses, followed by electives, and THEN our major or minor courses fall into place. It’s stressful.

I guess I just feel like no one really cares about what you’d like to do, until it’s too late. You have your advisors that meet with you once a year, unless you’ve screwed up your class schedule. They offer two or three potential courses that will keep you on track and check you off of their list. That’s ONE of the MANY reasons I keep graduate school in the back of my mind. I feel like it’s my only option – my only ticket to success. Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree is the new high school diploma. Employers aren’t looking for fresh graduates that have the same expensive piece of paper as everyone else.

Here’s the thing:

#1. I have to take the GRE before December 18th (the day I graduate from UofL). I’ve been looking around online and talking to a few faculty memebers on campus that believe in me. Another plus is that my universty also is a GRE testing site – which means I don’t have to travel far for a $180 exam. YES, its between $150-$180. WHY????? I will be choosing a testing date soon. Wish me luck.

#2. Since I’ve had a hard time finding an advisor that actually cares about my life after college, which I understand seeing as they advise thousands of students, I want to go to graduate school for College Student Personnel (CSP). If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed how obsessed I was with the University of Alabama’s APR (Adveristing and Public Relations) Master’s progam. UofL has a GREAT College of Education Department – why not stay where I am comfortable? Graduate Assitantships are calling my name.

I grew up believing that you could live life day by day. Now I understand why my mother, aunt, and grandmother continue to push me. They want me to be different, to be better… to have a fair chance – just talking about the pros and cons for the higher edcucation of an African Amercian would be another post. *sigh* So, I get it and I’m determined to do what it takes to live the life that I’ve always wanted to live. Let’s hope that I can make them proud.


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