Join UofL for our 1st EVER Louisville Media Institute!

I am currently working with UofL’s chapter of SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) and The Louisville Cardinal, our independent campus newspaper, to put on the first ever Louisville Media Institute, a two day conference that will be held on September 19th and 20th at the university. I would love for has many people as possible to be involved in helping with guest speakers and setting up the session areas. This is the perfect opportunity to meet journalist, reporters, passionate media experts,etc. As well as add to your resume, potential opportunities that may come from this meet and greet.


Here’s a little background: The Louisville Media Institute brings students together with leading professionals in the field— the people successfully combining the traditional values of journalism with the quickly emerging technologies remaking it. Students who attend LMI will return to their newsrooms with enhanced skills in computer-assisted reporting, investigative methods, visual storytelling, multimedia mastery, photography, and the usage of social media, as well as new approaches for the coverage of politics, features, the arts, crime and more.

We have a total of 12 guests. Familiar names would be Toni Konz from WDRB or Christopher Borrelli from the Chicago Tribune.

If you visit our website, a itinerary is given for each day: Friday, Sept 19th, beginning at 5pm with an icebreaker and Saturday, Sept 20th, holding most of the informational sessions. The site is . Feel free to take a look at what is being offered. We have the opportunity to modify and continue to add to this conference in the years to come! Diversity is a must.

Thanks to our sponsors who made this possible.

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