Okay, Let’s try this again….

I told myslef that I wouldn’t stray away again, but I did. I honestly just have to find time to be committed to my blog.

My life is totally random so I can never really control what will happen next. Nonetheless, I’m back in action (once again) and I’m looking forward to more of my post being short, straight forward, a video here and there, and of course pictures that will make you laugh. I just want to use this time during my last semester to focus on me and starting Jan. 1 I’ll do a countdown and start featuring people I adore, businesses I visit, update you with graduate school information, and also talk about some internship experiences!


Let’s just say that I’ve definitely changed during this summer break. I’m trying to be more open in everything that I do, keeping in mind that you have to mix and mingle in order to receive the love and appreciate you’d like to have…. I graduate in December and all I can think about is “What your next move?” I have so much that I am passionate about, yet not one thing really appeals to me. Like anyone else, I have things in mind, but I just want to make sure I’m making the right decisions.


I hope that this mini new beginning is something you find pretty chill. It’s definitely a low-key time for people to get to know me. Until then, read until you can’t read anymore. I’ll be writing about relatable feeling and events, that’s what a blog is for, right? 🙂


The Rising Phoenix


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