D.C. Student with 4.3 GPA Accepted into Five Ivy Leagues!

Around of appluase for Avery Coffey. Look’s like this high school senior has NO worries! Coffey is a D.C high school student who enjoys academics and has a 4.3 high school GPA. He grew up in a single-parent household in D.C.’s Ward 8, the poorest part of the city.

He calls himself “determined” and applied to five ivy league institutions he felt met his academic needs. ALL FIVE have accepted him: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Brown. Four of the five have also offered financial aid packages – that’s amazing. Harvard has yet to formulate a great offer.

Via My Fox DC reports:

Coffey attends Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, a D.C. public school with strict rules. None of the 439 students at Banneker is allowed to bring a cell phone into the building. They are also not allowed to go to their lockers during the school day. (That has spawned the peculiar tradition of piling up textbooks at the base of lockers, so kids can switch books between classes without violating the locker rule.)

The strict rules at Banneker have fostered a rather serious academic environment. Principal Anita Berger says year after year after year, 100 percent of Banneker graduates are accepted into post-secondary institutions.

Avery Coffey wants to major in finance. What’s the perfect job?

“I guess probably the CEO of an investment (or management consulting) firm. I guess pretty much overseeing acquisitions or transactions between large companies. Hopefully, Fortune 500 companies,” Coffey told us with a grin.

I couldnt be happier for this kid! He has yet to decide which college he wants to attend, but is leaning towards going to Harvard or the University of Pennslyvania. Way to go Avery.


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