‘Need For Speed’: In Theaters TODAY

I got a chance to see ‘Need For Speed’ at an early showing Wednesday night. When I tell you that I will be buying this film on DVD, believe me. This film is worth every dollar – unless I decide to wait until it’s availble on RedBox or Netflix – but, that’s entirely too long from now. Let me be honest: This movie is a must see! The video game-based ‘Need for Speed’ definitely puts video gamers in the passengers seat. With action and emotion, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul proves that he can be more than a drug mixologist while joining an talented cast for the film.

Seen as I’ve never played the game, but I’m familiar with watching my cousins play it, the movie illustrates luxury cars in a speeding fight to the finish line. The race for revenge gets real. There’s an interesting twist to the movie that captures your heart, I love surprises. It was nothing I expected it to be and what’s even better is that the storyline wasn’t cliché.

Check out the trailer and go buy tickets:


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