SXSW: Drunk Driver Kills Two And Injures Twenty-Three

Just after 12:30am, Thursday morning a silver Toyota crashes into a crowd of fans at the South by Sothwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Police say the car turned into a blocked road full of people. Two police cars followed it and tried to stop the driver. The driver almost hit an officer, went into the crowd of fans standing in the blocked road, hit a moped and then a bicycle. The driver has been identified as Rashad Charjuan Owens. Police suspected him to be driving under the influence of alcohol. Steven Craenmehr, 35, was the man on the bicycle killed at the scene. A passenger on the moped, a women unidentified was also killed.


Owens continued to drive, speeding through streets, hitting a parked van and a taxi. The chase began at the I-35 frontage road at 9th Street and ended at 11th and Red River Street outside the Mohawk club. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo shares in a news conference held at 10:30am: “Cancelling South by Southwest events in the wake of the deadly crash would be a victory for evil, not a victory for humanity.”



The Toyota driven by Rashad Owens was reported stolen from Killeen Thursday morning. Owens is being charged for two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.


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