Darren Sharper, Ex-boyfriend Of Gabrielle Union Faces Charges

Darren Sharper, former New Orleans Saints safety and analyst for the NFL Network is currently dealing with an abundance of rape accusations. The ex-boyfriend to actress Gabrielle Union turned himself into the police last week and faces rape charges. He has been investigated by the authorities in four different states. A total of eight counts of rape have been connected to Sharper.

Former Pro Football Player Darren Sharper Appears in Court

He is being held in a Los Angeles jail on counts of a New Orleans connection with an alleged rape of two women (one that occurred in Oct. 2013 and the other in January 2014). Through it all, Sharper and an accomplice, Erik Nunez admitted to raping two women back in November. According to Fox 8 New Orleans, Nunez posted bond in New Orleans Monday, but turned around and got hnadcuffed again for an warrant tied to an old traffic ticket.

darren 3

If convicted of the charges, Sharper could face life in prison without parole.


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