Are you Whitenicious?

Just to educate those of you who have yet to see this ridiculous line of skin whitening cream, Whitenicious by Dencia has the social media networks on edge. Dencia is a Naija-Cameroonian singer who has created this cream for people of color who desire to get rid of their “black spots”. Recently, she’s been blasted in pushing the acceptance of wanting lighter skin and feeling more attractive once lighter skin is achieved. Is she crazy? Surprisingly her skin bleaching products sold out in DAYS and there are tons of consumers waiting on her to restock so that their order can be processed. I’m just in disbelief in seeing that people of color still desire to bleach and look like a completely different person. The thing that pisses me off the most is that Dencia is supporting those who feel that being of a darker skin color is something horrible and she offers confirmation in women wanting to portray the skin color she now has.



Take a look at Dencia’s before and after:


I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around this extereme transformation. She was beautiful before she decided to bleach her skin like no other. Now she looks as scary as Michael Jackson did as he continued to get surgery after surgery on his face. According to the website set up by Dencia, Whitencious is safe to use and offers a variety of essential vitamins. It contains no harsh bleaching chemicals and focuses on treating hyperpigmentation. “Say goodbye to pigmentation and spots forever.” Not only can you buy this for yourself, but Dencia has also set up a giftcard option so that people have the opportunity to give their friends a lighter life too! How nice is that? Child please. I love my chocolate skin.

At this point in time Dencia is selling two products: Dark Spot Remover and Whitenicious for Dark Knees, Knuckles, and Elbows. I’m worried as to what she’ll whip up next! Both products are offered in different sizes and range from $50 to $150. Advertisements claim that in 7 days you can see the product working. Now that before and after photos has surfaced, instagram and twitter are outraged and my nubian queens out there are laying down the law. I can’t say if the images are being digitally enhanced or edited to achieve this lighter skin tone, but I can say that Dencia is promoting self- hatred. Clearing up a few scars is one thing, but bleaching your entire body 5-6 shades lighter is another. Way to had to women empowerment girl. All I can do is shake my head.




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