Watch The Clock

Honestly, I think it’s safe to say that majority of the time I’m a procrastinator. I’ve tried to be productive weeks ahead of an assignment due date or even days ahead. I just can’t seem to make it happen. Unless I’m assigned a 20 page research paper or a completed marketing plan for a presentation in class, you won’t find me working on it. Small assignements are busy work efforts and they’ll get done eventually. I can only imagine the judgement I’m receiving from you after reading a few sentences. It’s whatever, I’m human.

procrastination resized

Basically, I wait until the last hour or so to get a small assignment done which ends up working out for me. Of course this habit of mines needs to end, but I enjoy working under pressure. I see the challenge in completing a task and I find it intriguing to hustle to the finish line. I can’t say this for everyone else. Some people can’t help but to start an assignment they day they receive it. Depending on the level of importance and what’s expected from me, I’ll do the same. For some assignments, I guess I need time to gather my thoughts and ideas. I’m the type of person who learns from a visual angle and I take my time in planning out my every move. Each day is a step closer to the night before the due date. I’m just good at mentally modifying and letting everything flow when it’s time. The degree won’t magically appear in my hands, but I can guarantee you that I’ll walk across the stage as deserving as anyone else. I work hard for my success, but I think everyone can admit in saying they have days where doing nothing feels amazing.

What are your bad habits when it comes to relaxing when you should be working?


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