Uptown Sessions with Angela Simmons

Who knew that Angela Simmons could model? Appearantly Uptown Magazine did. Rev Run’s middle daughter steals the show and strikes a pose on the Brooklyn Bridge for an Uptown Magazine photo session. My girl is killing the scene from head to toe. She kept her fan base updated through posting instagram photos, without giving a hint as to where the photos would be taken. A caption reads: “Cover photo shoot fun on this snowy day. New York City grind!” It looks like the one of the Pastry creators is staying ahead of the game and making sure she stays relevant. She is now a true business woman as she works on her on fashion line Angela by Angela Simmons, evolving from the girl she used to be. Be sure to check out her launched website AngelaIAm for more updates. It’s a cool website she’s put together with fashion tips and opinions.


Feature_Angela Simmons.IH.indd


Feature_Angela Simmons.IH.indd

WERK Angela, I’m on your team boo.


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