I Can’t Keep Up!

Listen. As much as America love those Kardashians, Jenners, and Odoms, I just can’t keep up! This family has done more reality television than what meets the eye. Keeping Up With The Kardashians had its Season 9 premiere last night and as always, it had everyone on the edge of their seats!


We knew that Kim would talk more about beautiful baby North and obsessing over Kanye. She plans on moving into a new home (mansion) with him soon. It’s so interesting to me that viewers believe her and Ye’ try to copy the love Bey and Hov share, but that debate is worth another blog post. Recently on instagram she received some bold comments from typical computer thugs. I still find it hard to believe that people actually waste time to comment on her photos like she cares. Realistically, Kim will forever reign as the favorite sister. Viewers live for that woman and now that baby North is around, the cameras will continue to follow.


I’m sure people were tuned in to hear about the current status of Khloé and Lamar – which is still sketchy if you ask me. Last nights episode moved from Kim and Khloé talking about new beginnings to  Khloé being more open about current hardships her and Lamar share. If anyone should have had a baby, it should have been them. I was totally rooting for them to stick through the bullsh*t and find peace. I’m praying this bump in the road doesn’t lead to divorce. Khlamar can’t end like this! I felt so bad when Kourtney and Khloé arrived at DASH and the paparazzi stood there waiting to take pictures. Khloé shares: “I’ve been in hiding because I’m afraid of people,” and then says “I can’t look at people in the eyes. And I’m not even the one who did anything.” How depressing is that?

kris and bruce

And right before viewers have enough time to wipe their tears, Bruce and Kris appear on camera. Would it be bad for me to say that I knew this was coming? I don’t even care. Kris Jenner is SO rude to Bruce and never really appreciates anything that he does for her. Nonetheless, Kris was definitely shocked after Bruce shared that he renewed his lease for him Malibu home. Well…. it looks like a done deal. I’m not sure if they will actually separate or not though. They act like they’re scared of divorce. If Bruce knew what was good for him, he’d run to the hills!

I personally love watching Kendall and Kylie grow up like wildfire.  They’re my favorites! I can’t wait to see what they add to the show now that they are older. Rob has yet to lose weight… which is mind blowing. Kourtney and Scott will never get married and quite frankly, I’m over their relationship, but Mason is a cutie! Oh, and Penelope too, Haha.

Until the next epsiode guys! Thats if I keep up. 🙂


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