C’mon Mother Nature!

Spring semester has its pros and cons. The end of the school year is closer than it was and yet, summer seems like it will never get here. Spring Break is what most are waiting for even though that will take it’s time too. I think the worst part is seeing snow on the ground in the middle of January when you prayed for a white Christmas and got nothing. I must admit that I’m actually enjoying the bit of snow Louisville has received in the past few days. I miss being younger and challenging my foe cousins in who could build the best snowman…. Though they would always win and I would resort to throwing missle like snowballs while hiding behind my amaetur fort. Nowadays I’m more like scrooge when it comes to being out in this weather. Who told Mother Nature this was okay?

I take it personal when I have to get out of my bed and go to class. But of course I still got out of bed this morning and got dressed. I think the worst feeling is turning off your alarm and glancing out of your window to see a winter wonderland. When I got on campus I took a moment and just laughed. We all looked like a bunch on eskimos speedwalking to and from each building. What would campus be like without seeing one frat guy wearing shorts and a light jacket? Oh, and you can forget about the girls in leggings and boots. I will never understand how on a day like this either of them could be warm. Class should have totally been cancelled today, but I know UofL made sure to throw salt on the sidewalks seeing as they were the only areas of ground clear. How nice of them to ensure we get our education.

Too bad Santa doesn’t come in January because I’d love to receive something since the weather reflects that he should be on his way. I found out that Ground Hog Day isn’t until February 2, 2014. That ground hog better not see his/her shadow! I don’t think I can survive six more weeks of Winter. Fingers crossed for Spring to come early. It’s Spring semester for goodness sake!


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