Malachi 3:6-11

God doesn’t change. His powers never diminish. And neither does His expectation of His people.

God is love and His love is unlimited, unmatched, and perfect. His love is beyond mere words and reflected in the actions that He takes. He gives, guides, and guards. The same people he provides for and takes care of, we reject and turn away from Gods love. We’re not doing what he tells us to do.

An over emphasis on money can hide the real message to be found in Malachi. It’s about his relationship with his people. Just because we are saved, we assume we have God’s protection. At many times our worship is not accepted by God and our talents/treasures will be not be enough. God wants your heart.

If my heart is not right, it doesn’t matter what I do. If my heart is not right, it doesn’t matter how much I give. It all begins with a relationship. Your relationship with God is all that matters.

1. Stewardship is about time.
2. Stewardship is about strengthening our current relationship with God.

Be a servant unto the Lord and your blessings will continue to flow.


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