78 lbs, say what?

Y’all. I went to visit my doctor a few weeks back. While there, I received the usual check up and later on she told me that I was overweight. I’m staring at the doctor and thinking “Yeah… I’ve had a few burgers and pizzas.” (The meal plan doesn’t do me any justice while on campus.) Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, I should weigh around 135 lbs. I’m currently 210 lbs and I love food. In all seriousness, I’m determined to loose about 50 lbs this year. Mouth dropping right? In reality, it’s not as extreme as it sounds and I feel like I could do this in a matter of months.

In high school, I never went under or over weighing 158. Once I came to college, that “Freshman 15” said SCREW YOU! and I gained like crazy. I make it sound like I’m a walking whale, but that’s how us girls are. Although, I may be exaggerating a little. I’m more so worried that if I continue to eat my normal meal plan, I’ll have diabetes and high blood pressure just like my immediate family members. Yikes!

Before going to the doctor, I was aware of the changes my body had undergone. I’m definitely in the process of changing my diet and taking in less carbs. I’m a fruits and veggies lover. I also love brown rice. I know baked chicken and baked fish are great choices. I’ve also heard peanut butter works wonders. Hmm.. Not sure about that one. I have some research to do. Great!

I’ve been looking at YouTube videos and Instagram accounts. I’m so inspired by people who’ve lost 70-100 lbs in a years time. If they can do it, I can too! I don’t have a workout regimen yet. I feel as though I’ll be more comfortable working out once I get used to eating and taking in healthy foods consistently. Once that’s done, I’ll take advantage of the new recreation center the university has built (search through my previous posts about UofL). Wish me luck guys! This weight loss thing is no joke.

R.I.P Snack Time.


2 thoughts on “78 lbs, say what?

  1. I have read some of your other blogs and this one is my favorite. I can definitely relate to this because I have gained some weight too since high school ! Hopefully you continue on and lose the 50 pounds, you can be my inspiration! Also im so proud of you amd your success this far, I know you have much more to come. I love you girly (:

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