Change Is Good

What’s up bloggers?

I’m back and I’m eleven days into the new year, already feeling a bit uneasy. Christmas was awesome for me. I enjoyed working with my classmates on our last article (seen in my previous post). We learned a lot about giving back during the holidays and making a difference in someone’s life. Time with my family was pretty awesome as well. I’m wondering if I feel uneasy about 2014 because this is the year I will graduating from college, applying for internships, and eventually looking to work for an amazing PR firm. I have big dreams to internationally make a difference in advertising brands and helping them market to the best of their ability.

In the meantime, I have to get through this year with a positive outlook on everything. I know for a fact that 2014 will be my year… and half of my graduating class has claimed the same! Go figure. As my life continues, change follows and that’s good right? I plan on blogging this year on a more personal level. 2013 completely changed my perspective while dealing with certain friendships and life decisions. I promise not to be too emotional and have you guys reading heart felt posts. I’ll share more of my interests and try to keep up with current trends within media and fashion. Until then, stay above the influence and just do YOU.


The Rising Phoenix



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