Black Friday v. Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and while most wait for a 5 course meal, I’m waiting for the shopping deals that follow the Friday after. With my credit card in hand, I’ve had my eye one a few electronics and clothing pieces that would be esstential to my wardrobe. In all, it’s that time of the year again to give thanks for your family and friends in your life, followed by shopping until you drop to make sure that everyone receives the best gift from you. Where will you be shopping this year? Stores are starting to make Black Friday deals happen earlier and earlier. As usual, your favorite store will be opening extremely early and offering promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season. Lines will form in front of the nearest Wal-Mart or Best Buy after Thanksgiving feasts and all we can do is hope people will act like they have some sense while waiting for the doors of the store to open. Begin your Black Friday experience with a game plan. Train your body to carry as many bags as possible, while pushing your shopping cart down the aisle. Be able to bob and weave through other shoppers and reach to the highest shelf for the last item. Does anyone remember the lady from the Target commericals training for the big day? She’s a winner.


target lady


But wait, we can’t forget about Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday consists of online shopping deals from stores that hit their sites the monday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The official date is only 11 days away: Decemeber 2, 2013. Although I’ve never shopped online during the Cyber  Monday sales, friends of mine have said that the deals are better and easier to ensure. Many prefer to shop online early monday morning in order to catch better deals while lounging at home. There are no lines to stand in for hours at a time, no wait at the checkout, and the best part is that you don’t have to get out of bed and get dressed. It sounds like a great deal to me, hinting at the fact that most Americans carrry this lazy characteristic. Give us a break. We’ve consumed a large amount of food the previous Thursday and we’re currently in recovery. 😉

keyboard ipad

I’m wondering if Cyber Monday really is better than Black Friday? I can see the pros and cons of both seasonal shopping days, but it’s always good to know which day will be easier on your bank account. Do some research at your favorite store whether it be walking in or surfing the online site. Hopefully, you’ll make a great decision and get the most for your dollar. Happy shopping!


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