The CARDS get fit!

The year is almost at its end and lately, people have been trying to lose weight. What’s up with that? Well, I’m guessing many want to bring in the new year with a slim waist and improved self-confidence. Spring semester is closer than it may seem and what college student doesn’t like to show off their goods during Spring Break? In a classy manner of course! We all enjoy laying on the beach and planning awesome trips with friends.


The new Student Recreation Center located next to Kurz Hall on 4th street has been the talk of the campus! The university has experienced record growth and needed more space for the campus recreation and intramural sports. Our new center is open and ready to be used by everyone. University of Louisville students have been making their way into the gym and posting images via social media while burning calories. What great multi-tasking skills our students have. In addition to the posted images, I’ve seen small videos of students working out and testing the new equipment. With such good reviews, I think that majority of the student body will begin marking their calendars and planning workouts.

uofl   studentreccenter2013101853_304

The center is said to be 128,000 square feet, built to aid students with healthier lifestyles while on the university’s belknap campus. With this advancement, the Department of Health and Sports Studies can offer more class spaces and fitness will be at an all time high! We’ve all endured the “freshman 15”: gaining 15 pounds your freshman year of college due to those awesome meal plans! Our current freshman class is lucky to have received this center just in time. They’ll go into sophomore year looking their best while the upperclassmen hustle to shed what we’ve gained. It happens to the best of us. Students are being charged $98.00 with their tuition in order to pay for the construction, maintenance, and equipment. Faculty and Staff membership rates have also been announced. For $22 a month, all faculty and staff members can join. They have the option to join in periods of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months and experience the new center along with students.

So, what are you waiting for?

The new Student Recreation Center is waiting for YOU.


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