3 Ways to Fundraise

Who doesn’t like to raise money? Today many organizations, whether they be in a school setting or within our community, are finding ways to fundraise for their cause. It is important to know that there are plenty of people willing to donate to your organization as long as you give them a good enough reason to. For instance, The American Red Cross receives countless donations because people within the community know the importance of saving lives. Not only is money donated to that specific organization, but pints of blood are given to those patients in need. Giving donations to an organization makes an indiviudal feel like they have made difference as well. Your ogranization should be smart in receiving this help and take advantage of the ways in which raising money or receiving any donation can be done. Here are three popular ways to fundraise.

Signing the deal

1. Write a Letter

You can’t go wrong when sending a formal letter to someone. First and foremost, explain who you are. You have give a detailed introduction to the recipient stating the name of your organization and where you are located.  Once that is complete, discuss your purpose and why your organization is supporting that specific cause. Here is a good time to incorporate your mission statement or your goals. People want to know that you are serious about this cause and that they are not reading about an organization who just wants to get into their pockets. Asking them for a donation should be the closing statement. Dicuss here why you need their help and elaborate on the fact that their help is necessary to reach your goals. Make them feel like they are a part of something greater. Give them the option to freely donate what they can or you can create between 4 and 5 different dollar amounts to choose from. I’m telling you, this will work.

Social Media Logotype Background

2. Spread the Word

I don’t know which is moving faster: the younger generation of children today or the amount of information being shared via social networking? If you have an organization that needs more awareness and you are looking to find a broader audience, create accounts for your group! It’s so much easier than most make it seem. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, About.me, and just about any other form of social networking sites available. All are free of charge and start with you following simple input instructions. I guarantee you that once you join a network and begin following other organizations or people within your community, your organization will be a hit. Once your pages are up, add flyers, a gallery of pictures, and contact information so that people have the opportunity to learn more and give back. (Hinting that money will be made!) BUT, be sure to get everyone involved! Most of your members should already have personal accounts. If they don’t ask them to make one solely to advertise the organization account. Everyone should be working together to draw awareness.


3. Host an Event

So we’ve discussed explaing your purpose via wiriting a letter to authoritative figures and special individuals, but what more can you do? Get people to become involved and the best thing to do for this to happen is to host an event. Set up an event that is shaped around the purpose of your organization and that follows each of your values. This is the time in which you use to sell your cause. Come up with a name for your event, be a little creative. At the door you could set up a donation box for people to give small donations or your organization can decide on whether or not people should be charged a small fee to attend the event. You should be bringing the community together through efforts of scheduling activities: Icebreakers, board games, raffling tickets, interactive posters and games, etc. KEEP THEM FUN and make sure they relate to your purpose! Maybe provide a guest speaker who specializes in your cause and who could talk for a few minutes about the importance of helping you all out. People don’t want to come to an event and just listen to someone talk for hours. You could also team up with another organization to help with creating an evironment that isn’t socially awkward. I’m sure people know people, who know other people, so it will be fun. 🙂

Follow these ideas or pick and choose.

Eiher way, money will be thrown at you. Not literally of course.


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