Microwave Accident? NO WAY.

Last Tuesday, Christopher Thompson, the lawyer representing 33-year-old China Arnold requested a new trial in Ohio’s Second District Court of Appeals. China Arnold is known as the Ohio mother who cooked her 28 day old baby Paris Talley in a microwave oven back in 2005. If the request to open a new trail is granted, this will be the fourth trail for this case.

Why did the microwave mom do this?

Controversy has been stirred up, throwing various questions and opinions in the air. Arnold claims to have been extremely drunk the evening of her daughter being “cooked”. The child’s paternal aunt served as a babysitter while China went out and came home to then pass out. Arnold says:  “They told me that it looked like somebody had cooked her and I don’t know why. I don’t know why somebody would cook her.” The infant, Paris Talley, was pronounced dead at the hospital and her body was examined soon after. Who microwaved the baby? Did the aunt commit the crime? And where was the father? WE NEED ANSWERS.


microwave mom
“According to court documents, Arnold was arguing with her boyfriend in a Montgomery County home about her baby’s paternity, when she put the baby in a microwave and turned it on. Medical experts said the baby died after her temperature reached between 107 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. She had no external burns, but did suffer high-heat internal injuries. John Paul Rion, the attorney who represented Arnold at her first trial, said she was intoxicated to the point of blacking out when the child died.”

– Huffington Post

The mother China Arnold has been accused of the following by the media: expressing fake emotions, using distancing language when talking about her child, not accepting responsibility for her actions, and having postpartum depression after the new birth that lead to postpartum psychosis (psychotic systems following child birth).

Reading through the evidence and shared opinions , I found that an Ohio judge had the option to send China to death row. Instead they opted for a life sentence without parole. Was that the right punishment for China? Tell me what you think.


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