Grand Theft Auto, the REAL kind.

Grand Theft Auto V has hit the shelves for gamers everywhere and people don’t know how to act! It’s safe to say that this video game was the most anticipated game of the year. I personally could care less about playing video games and purchasing games for my chosen game console, but others find it entertaining and enjoy stepping away from reality a bit.


What’s so cool about Grand Theft Auto V? The thirst for owning a copy of the new game became a serious matter and crime was surprisingly committed the day of release. Three men located in Staten Island couldn’t wait to find out so they chose to pose as police officers in an unmarked car, skipping the purchase line (about 500+ people at the mall). Say whaaaat? Yep, it happened.

According to new headlines:

“Kirolos Abdel Sayed, 19, Matthew Kirshen, 20, and Frank Santanastoso, 19, all cruised to the Staten Island Mall in what looked like an unmarked police car — complete with lights and sirens — just after midnight early Tuesday morning, cops said.”

– New York Daily News

Y’all… What is the world coming to? To continue the story, the gaming criminals showed police badges, a tattoo of a local police shield, and was how able to convince to the mall security that they were there to work the release along side them. They get into the mall and walk to the GameStop store to purchase their copies. Very nonchalant about the entire situation. Guess what happens next?

Continued reports say:

“After leaving the mall the driver made an illegal u-turn and ran red lights, that got them stopped by an actual unmarked police car. They were all arrested and charge with impersonating an officer, but released on their own recognizance.”

– New York Daily News

Round of applause for these idiots. Really? It was that easy? And where did they get this unmarked car from with lights and all included. People will do anything and I’m honestly not surprised that this happened. There have been more reports on individuals fighting over Jordan brand shoes and trying to do physical harm for the last pair of shoes in their size. WE HAVE TO DO BETTER.

Nonetheless, did you get your copy of Grand Theft Auto V? My boyfriend did… Yay. Haha.

The game is expected to sell 20 million copies and rake in over $1 billion.

Happy gaming my friends! 🙂


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