Miley Cyrus: Queen of TWERK

It’s been a few weeks now and there is still hype around Miley Cyrus and that foam finger she carries around with her. We can’t forget about the life size Boo bears and booty dance moves as she took over the 2013 MTV VMAs with in her words “the best VMA performance of all time”. She performed her hit single “We Can’t Stop”, first wearing a a bear emblazoned leotard. Not long after her song ends, known artist Robin Thicke joins the stage and Miley begins to sing along to his hit single “Blurred Lines”. The stripping begins! Showing a bit much in that nude colored two piece and styling her hair in to knotted horns, she struts her stuff because she means business!

Controversy stirs up after Miley bends forward in front of Robin and twerks for the ratchets (a slang term used to describe an individual with no class or self-worth). Yeah… it got REAL that night. But who “twerked” on who? Surprisingly Paula Patton, wife of Robin Thicke, was not at all affected by this performance. She knows where she stands! Case closed.

  Miley-Cyrus-performs-at-the-MTV-VMA-2222819  robin  boo bears

So what happened to the old Miley? That All-American sweetheart. Everyone is asking the same question. At 20 years old some agree that she’s “finding herself.” They go on to say: “she’s experiencing a time of change like anyone else her age would.” Listen. I’ve been 21 years old for about a month and a half now. Before my birthday, I was 20 years old and never in my life would I get on stage with a ball of energy and dance like know one is watching (when I know that literally EVERYONE is). But that’s just me. Others do as they please and have the money to back it up (no pun intended). 😉

hannah   old miley

The child star became famous through her popular television show that aired on the Disney Channel Network, “Hannah Montana”. Can you believe that the first episode of this series aired in March of 2006. Time is flew by!!! She’s clearly moved on from this image and has shaped a new found face. No more long brunette locks and songs that even the youngest sibling could sing along to. We’ve uncensored the lyrics, flipped a few tables, and let the world have what it wants: complete chaos. Miley now wears her hair in a short edgy cut and has went blonde! Despite her actions, I’m in love with her hair. A little change is necessary, right? This classic American girl with a country flair has stepped into the bad side and she has no thoughts of returning! She’s in it to win it.

Nonetheless, the new and improved Miley Cyrus has been in the studio creating a new CD entitled “Bangerz”.


You know what that means: On October 8th, 2013 (the expected release date),

get a copy of the album from store near you and show Ms. Miley Cyrus some love!

We’ll see how this goes…


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