Am I Done Yet?

Though I’ve had an amazing college experience, it’s senior year and I’m ready to be done…. Says the future graduate school student. School just never ends! I think that because I’m anticipating what the future holds, I’m dying to actually be in the midst of my dream. Once your dream becomes reality, you have that moment of complete accomplishment. We all are patiently waiting to feel like we’ve done something good with our lives. Something our parents would be proud of claim. You know, the whole “I knew my child would be amazing!” speech. I mean.. Maybe I’m rushing into “True Adulthood” faster than I would like to, but something has got to give. Am I done yet?

It’s near the end of WEEK 2 here at the University of Louisville. Summer has officially ended and all of us are back in the classroom ready to learn new material. Life is good, while at the same time we’re struggling students on campus with a crazy meal plan and a ridiculous amount of free time to do whatever we want. Unless you’re involved in various organizations which is always a good experience to have in college. Get out there and be involved. Show your fellow classmates what you have to offer! Be passionate not a pushover. Stand up for what you believe in. You’re in college right? Act like it. Okay, I’m pushing the motivational speech a bit far, but you catch my drift. Be great in all that you do and remember to stand up for what you believe in. You can truly make a difference on campus!

What’s funny to me is that everyone comes back to school and begins the semester off strong! By the end of the second week —> You can always classify students into their current year of studies by their characteristics. It’s hilarious and eye opening at the same time.

We have the Freshman Class: You’re living the good life with your amazing residual and procrastinating ways. What’s your reason for coming to the GREATEST institution in the nation? OUR SPORTS TEAMS OF COURSE. We are the national champs, the runner-ups, the campus of all campuses to be a part of. WELCOME TO THE CARDINAL FAMILY. When I tell you that you’ll soon learn to save your money and complete assignments while you still have the time, PLEASE BELIEVE ME. Oh and hopefully someone has told you that your major may change at least once during your time here. That’s at any institution. You think you know what you’ll be studying while here and out of nowhere you find a degree that better suits you. IT’S OKAY. Change your major before it’s too late! I’d rather you find what makes you happy then continue to pursue a degree that doesn’t satisfy your needs. Choose a major that broadcasts your strengths! Build up that resume my child.

We have the Sophomore Class: The students walking around like they know what they’re doing because its their second official school year, but they’re STILL getting lost on campus. Don’t get the big head. You’ve met a few people and gotten pretty comfortable, but you’re still taking your general courses and there is plenty of time for you to establish a reputation. Chill out. You’ll make more friends and soon you’ll be finished with the general load of courses. Let’s see that big head during a semester next year! Major classes begin.

We have the Junior Class: Those third year savages. Killing the game, eh? You’re here baby! No longer the underdog and a step closer to being on top of the world, claiming that senior status. So how many times have you changed your major? Are you still living on campus or have you moved into an apartment because you’re too cool not to pay rent? Where do you work? I know you have a cool part time job that pays for your cool home. Let’s just say that as a junior here at the University of Louisville – be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Junior year is always the hardest. You’re almost finished with college, but the courses you’re taking have everything to do with your degree. These are your major classes so don’t screw up!!! And then, you’ll have one major procrastinating time in which you’re breaking down and regretting not doing things when they should’ve been done. RELAX. Keep calm and Go Cards! You’ll be fine.

Last but not least, we have the Senior Class which includes myself. I’m ready to graduate and get this show on the road. This so called disease “Senioritis” is in FULL effect. I’m sick and I cannot be healed. Ha! I wish. It’s time for me to continue to make smart moves and aim for my long term goals. Let’s see how long it’ll take for me to start needing another pep talk… Until then, IT’S SENIOR YEAR. So I have to remain focused and check things off my list. Who wouldn’t want to graduate in the coolest arena ever? The KFC YUM! Center is dying for me to walk across that stage. I must give it what it wants and in return, it can hand me my degree. Oh yes.

All hail to thee our UofL. 🙂
May 2014 , it’s happening here.


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